07 July 2007

Saturday Morning

CHELSEA--Feliece's daughter...too cute!
~DANIELLE~Noele's daughter
~ THE Water Fall~

Larry--"Lar Bear" or Dad
{ME} & Mom
Dad & Noele--oldest sister
Duncan--a.k.a Scottie Dog
Clairce & Sidney

Feliece {second oldest sister} & Dad

This is my family.

July of 1977 my parents laid some new cement us "kids" stuck our hands, feet and made our prints in the cement.
My dad wanted to do the same thing this year because it's July of 2007! 30 YEARS Yep, that's what I was doing this morning. 9:30 A.M. It's so stinkin HOT today. When I was driving home at noon it was already 99 degrees.

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Kairlotta said...

How fun is that?

I love the camera...the camera...the camera

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