03 January 2008

I have MOVED!

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02 January 2008

One Good Bumble Bee Lovin'

The kids got lots of fun items in their Christmas Stocking this year.
A lot of goodies came from
One Good Bumble Bee One of my favorite items was the Magic Garden.
Add water and watch it GROW!
The world that you see is also a coin bank. HOW STINKIN CUTE IS THAT?
Also can you see that Pink Dog in the background...that would be a pencil sharpener. You turn the tail with the pencil in the dogs mouth and TA DA--pencil sharpened.
What a cool looking tree dude!
The Magic Garden is complete. Sidney kept telling me that it really was magic. Kinda the opposite of the saying, "now you see it, now you don't" but "now you don't see it and now you do". Don't ask me what I am talking about. Just smile and nod your head.

26 December 2007

{OsCaR & hAzEL}

Hi! I am Oscar.Hi! I am Hazel.
We are Hilary's Owl Pals.
Do you like my Owl Pals?
Do you?
I love my new owl pals. I also like to call them my {hOOters}.
One of the best Christmas presents this decade.
Feliece (sweet sister) made them for {ME}! A few months ago I blogged about some owls on Etsy that I feel in love with but were also $55 bucks. She printed the picture, and made these adorable {hOOters} just for me.
Yesterday afternoon I was taking down all the Christmas decorations.
Oscar and Hazel were nestled on the Mantel.
Porter walks around from the being in the kitchen, points at Oscar, and said, "Mommy, I like that owl."
Talk about cute.
So stinkin Cute.

They Call This {LOVE}

Peter and I sitting at the fire place
Peter and I at dinner Sunday night.
Sidney & I on the sleigh ride. Look how happy Sidney looks.
Peter and Porter at the Ice Staking Rink.
Porter didn't want any of my business--No, more picture mom.

{Thanks Brittany} for taking photos of us. It's nice to get photos of myself. I feel like I am always behind the camera taking picture!

25 December 2007

Here Comes Santa Right Down McConkie's Lane

Porter was a good boy.
Geo Tracks from Santa Clause

Peter so tired. {Like he did all the work. (-wink;}
Sidney must of been a good girl. ~A Doll House~
~M~A~G~I~C ~

the look on Sidney and Porter's face. I Believe, do YOU?

21 December 2007

Cute Boots, eh!

Do you remember these boots?

Do you? (click "do you" if you have forgotten)

Well, I can.

I looked under the Christmas tree last night and there was a big box under the tree {YIPPEE}...it must be my boots.

I can't wait. Somebody been a good girl this year.

20 December 2007

ScOtTiE dOg LoViNg

~Merry Christmas~

Duncan in his new winter vest.
He hates it when I "dress him up"!
Now, Duncan, "just be a good boy and wear your vest.
Ears up, come on boy".
Molly has a vest too. Sidney and I looked everywhere for it and couldn't find her vest. With my luck...the vest is under my bed.
Molly found it first and chewed it up.
I'll have to check tonight after work.
...this is why I love the "jacket's" during the winter..

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