26 December 2007

{OsCaR & hAzEL}

Hi! I am Oscar.Hi! I am Hazel.
We are Hilary's Owl Pals.
Do you like my Owl Pals?
Do you?
I love my new owl pals. I also like to call them my {hOOters}.
One of the best Christmas presents this decade.
Feliece (sweet sister) made them for {ME}! A few months ago I blogged about some owls on Etsy that I feel in love with but were also $55 bucks. She printed the picture, and made these adorable {hOOters} just for me.
Yesterday afternoon I was taking down all the Christmas decorations.
Oscar and Hazel were nestled on the Mantel.
Porter walks around from the being in the kitchen, points at Oscar, and said, "Mommy, I like that owl."
Talk about cute.
So stinkin Cute.

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Kairlotta said...

Oh my gosh! Feliece did such an awesome job! She should sell those things....and give me sewing lessons.

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