02 January 2008

One Good Bumble Bee Lovin'

The kids got lots of fun items in their Christmas Stocking this year.
A lot of goodies came from
One Good Bumble Bee One of my favorite items was the Magic Garden.
Add water and watch it GROW!
The world that you see is also a coin bank. HOW STINKIN CUTE IS THAT?
Also can you see that Pink Dog in the background...that would be a pencil sharpener. You turn the tail with the pencil in the dogs mouth and TA DA--pencil sharpened.
What a cool looking tree dude!
The Magic Garden is complete. Sidney kept telling me that it really was magic. Kinda the opposite of the saying, "now you see it, now you don't" but "now you don't see it and now you do". Don't ask me what I am talking about. Just smile and nod your head.


Kairlotta said...

Too cute! I so wanted to get that world piggy bank for Matthew. He is so into globes right now.

Nancy said...

I love those magic garden things. It is amazing to me how they grow like that! Sounds like a great present.

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