05 July 2007

Love Comes In So Many Shapes, Sizes & Forms:

LOOK AT ME, I am a cute dog.
Scottie Dogs are one FORM of LOVE! {at least they are for ME}! If someone "loved" me {PETER}...they {PETER} would buy me a GIRL SCOTTIE DOG. It's more for Sidney then me...really it is. Sidney wants "balance" in the house...three girls and three boys. Right now, their are only TWO GIRLS and THREE BOYS, and we can't have that!!! See, this is a real reason for me needing, NOT wanting a scottie dog. It's not purely selfish of {ME}. I am ALL ABOUT BALANCE. I am a LIBRA. DUH?


Kairlotta said...

So cute! How can Peter resist that?

Hilary said...

the $700 price tag is how.

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