17 June 2007

~Monday Is Basically Here~

It's been a fast, CrAZy weekend.
Sunday night is here...where did the weekend go?
Currently I am working on watering the yard, doing a load of laundry and packing Sidney and Porter's bags for tomorrow. Ann is closed and mom and dad are watching him and they told me just to bring Sidney along. Feeling pretty tired. Porter MUST be teething because he has had a running nose, cranky and has not let me step out of the same room or there is major DRAMA.
Sidney has been, well Sidney...just doing whatever she feels like doing and I just can't have that. Not listening, yelling at Porter because he has a toy that she has not touched for months, blah, blah, blah...it's been driving me nuts. Thanks goodness I kept myself busy and out of the house this weekend or it could of been BAD and Bad in not a good way...
SuM UP the WeEkeND:
Saturday morning my parents totally helped me out by coming out and watching the kids while I hit Smith's for some groceries.
Came home had my dad give me a blessing to make it though this next week, put Porter down for a nap and then put the groceries away. Look at the clock and it was time for Sidney to get ready for her soccer game. Gathered all the stuff together, grabbed Porter out of the crib and cruised to Sid's game. Came home relaxed for a few...okay did a load of laundry and then it was time to go and get Danielle to watch the kids while I went to Kari's housewarming party. So I am down stairs and I see a spider heading right to the dirty clothes that I am about to sort and load. "I am going to have to kill that spider, I am going to kill a spider, I am going to kill a spider". I keep saying that over and over. I feel sweat on my back and it's forming on my forehead. If I don't it's going to go right into the clothes and I can't let that happen. I am moving like time is in Slow Motion. I got to hurry before it's disappears into the clothes. I don't have shoes on, even better. .... EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... We are totally getting screen doors when Peter gets home. NO MORE SPIDERS!
Drove to Murray and got Danielle, hit Sinclair to copy a chapter out of Peter's accounting class for his tutor (one of a few things he didn't get a chance to do before he left). After coping his chapter we went through the drive through at Wendy's and ordered off the 99 cent menu...loving that one...
Got home, ate dinner, got the kids in there jammies and then I jumped in the shower...it was 6:30. Running late. Gotta love that! While I was in the shower Porter sat outside the door and screamed the ENTIRE TIME. Once I am out of the shower I need to get dressed but Porter is just following me screaming "MOMMA" ...agh...trying to get ready and put Porter down at the same time...yet another special moment.
Finally get Porter down. Still running around getting ready and leave my house at 7:22. Good thing I told Kari I would get there early and HelP. Leave Kari's around 11 and come home, hang with Danielle for about a hour and crash on the bed.
Danielle wakes me up at 12:30 and asks me to come and kill a spider on the chair...FOR THE LOVE...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I DON'T DO SPIDERS AT ALL, APPARENTLY neither does Danielle. She feels the EXACT same way as I do...Killing a spider, well this makes twice in one day. SPECIAL, real special.
Sunday morning I got nothing done. Teenagers are no more help then my toddler and preschooler. Instead of cleaning up after two kids I left like I was cleaning up for three. Don't get me wrong it was nice to have her around and help with the kids but it still felt like work...HUH? How does that work? I guess I thought it would be like having Peter around...nope nothing like it. Plus that damn cell phone. She was telling me sense the 13th of this month she has already text 2000 times. Yeah. She never puts that cell phone down. I had a glimpse of what my future holds and it scared the crap out of me. I am not ready to be a mother of a teenager.
About 1:30 we head over to Noele's for a BBQ that starts at 3:00. Porter, big surprise, just followed me around and cried. Sidney was not listening, nothing new at this point in the weekend. All the cousins are fighting with each other. Sidney is crying like ever 10 minutes. I want to take a Valium at this point or put a gum to my head, either or at this point I don't care... Just want to go home and put both kids to bed. Sidney didn't want to eat at Noele's and I told her this is DINNER...eat now or don't eat later. Now she is standing at the couch crying because she should of eaten at Noele's. Well, I am off to find some finger food for Sidney. Banana, apple, carrots, and cheese. That's whats on the menu but she wants pasta...too stinking bad.
Miracles...bundles of Joy!!

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