17 June 2007


Sidney has been nothing but sweet for the last few hours.
Using her manners...why can't see do this all the time...duh Hilary, she is only four?
Sometimes I forget.
Mom, I have an idea.
What Sidney?
Let's not flush the toilet or wash our hands...it will save us time.
No Sidney. That's gross.
Why? {I then go into the details of why "that's gross"}
...Not one of her finer moments on great ideas...
I just heard Duncan start the throwing up sound...looking...running around...it's going to be too late... Great...too late.
Even better. He is under the bed. How the heck am I going to clean that up. Yoga mat, carpet and from what I can see also on the shoe bag. Too Fun.

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Kairlotta said...

Great photos! Sid has grey like Matthew did. Love the photo of Munch! It is great!!

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