15 June 2007

Watching Daddy Fly across the Sea

Today after work I ran to office max and purchased a power adapter for my laptop. {I know how excited Kair is about this} Porter about two weeks ago pulled my laptop off the table by the power cord and the adapter well, BROKE. Nice, huh. What's nice about this adapter is Peter can use it too. Just switch a small tip and Peter can be charging his laptop.
So Sidney, Porter and I have been keeping tabs on DAD tonight.
It's been fun to watch him fly across the sea, talk about Germany and how they speak a different language.
Porter has said plane like 40 times tonight. He is talking tons and it's SO STINKIN CUTE!!! On the grosser side of toddlers the new thing is to spit out anything he no longer wants in his month. "Momma ka-ka", as he proceeds to spit chips, cheese, tortilla, whatever---out of his month. The fun part is if I don't stick my hand out he will just spit it out where ever he is. How special is that? Kids are bundles of joy, yep, real MIRACLES...ha ha Brittany.
Sidney and I are watching SIGNS tonight. It was either Signs or The Mummy Returns...for the love Sidney what have Peter and I done to you!!!
Sidney also just ate about a pound of cherry tomatoes in about 30 minutes. I can't stop laughing because she has been BELCHING tomatoes, keeps telling me that she is going to throw up and her stomach is hard as a rock...that's what happens when you eat a pound of tomatoes in one sitting Sidney.
I love you Peter.
I will keep you posted on my daily grind.
Also a great way Peter to keep your self posted on on how CRAZY I {will} become. Basically like a mood forecast of what you will be excepting when get home. Good or Bad...let's keep our fingers crossed.

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staceyfike said...

girl last fall jeff worked out of town for 7 wks and after that we decided no matter how well it paid he wasn't doing it again! it really sucked!!!
that's my way of sayin' i feel your pain!!!
hopin your hubs hurries home soon!!!

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