05 February 2007

~Sidney Got Her Ears Pierced~

You got your ears pierced.
Did you cry?
I told you the whole process from start to end.
You knew it was going to hurt and you still wanted to get them pierced.
You are one strong girl.
I am sure their will be thousands of surprises from you but that morning when I asked you what you wanted wear and you said your pink dress. I was thinking to myself, you don't have a pink dress...well come to find out we are talking about her pink Halloween costume. Huh...well you only live once and you are only 4 and 1/2. The surprise is that you are so anti "doing your hair" and you don't like to play with dolls but then their are times when you want to look like a princess for when you get your ears pierced.
Thank goodness Garret is in China. I am sure that Brittany does not fell the same way as I do but I am very lucky to have friends that don't mind hanging out with my kids when Peter is out of town. Brittany was brave enough to spend the WHOLE day with me and my kids. AND she brought the camera http://www.beachcamera.com/shop/product.aspx?sku=CNDRXT1855B that I want so badly. Hence the pictures you are looking at.
After the ear piercing we went to build a bear and got some fun stuff for her bear at home. Porter this whole time is just hanging out in the stroller (thank you dearly Kari) and was pretty much happy as long as he was moving...=)
After dragging the kids to four different stores looking for running sport bras with NO LUCK we went to Barbacoa. SIDNEY'S favorite place to eat. Went home and ate and then I called my sweet sister and niece to see if they would watch the kids so Brittany and I could go running....
I have always wanted to run but never could "get into it"...thank goodness for Brittany and Peter for helping me with this. You are wondering how Peter gets some of this credit...well he started back to school and that puts my only option, well working out at lunch. It makes sense to work out with Brittany and Brittany runs...are you putting it together... Hilary + Brittany /running= Hilary Running. I am forced to work out at lunch (thank you again Brittany) and I feel like I am finally out of my "routine".
Saturday night Joe, Robin, Brittany came and hung out with me and the kids. Joe was a blessing...he played with Sidney basically the whole time. Sidney needed some ruff playing and Joe was the perfect match for her. I assumed that he knew what he was getting into but never the less he made my night much easier. Thanks Joe and ROBIN!!!
Peter will be back home tomorrow. He has been in Texas sense last Thursday. The previous week he was at the Outdoor Retailer Show and was MIA for several days. I am staying tuff and we all miss him dearly. All of us are feeling a bit BEAT down after Peter has been gone for a while. Porter cried unless he was held and this morning he did the same thing but times it by TEN. I am not kidden.
Off to get the kids...yes I am at work.

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Kari said...

You are hanging tuff girl! Keep up the good work!

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