23 January 2007

More Stuff......

Porter...is so fun. Loves to hang out. Do what ever Sidney is doing. Which drives Sid crazy and then these me telling her how he only wants to be "just like her". Porter had Sidney's rack that she has not touched for, I don't know, YEARS. This was a issue but Porter wanted to do what everyone else was doing.
Sidney's new place to "hang out". If she is not going pee she is hanging out in the door frame. {That girl uses the bathroom more then ANY I know. SERIOUSLY!!!} At first it was cute and fun. Now she is in the way...she is going to break a leg or ankle this year and I bet it will involve climbing.
Munch is the real love of my life {and DUNCAN}. I love that Munch. I was watching him while Brittany and Garret were in Moab...see how we are holding hands.
Peter. This is Peter clean shaven. He had a berad or GOAT TEE for over seven years. Recently he came out of the bathroom and TA DA....the new Peter. Porter didn't know who he was until he started talking.


Kari said...

I personally like the hairy Peter better, but the clean shaven Peter looks so MBA!!!

Nancy said...

Great pictures and guess what... I use to climb the door frame just like Sydney, when I was small. Porter is so cute and growing. Thanks for sharing.

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