22 January 2007


Finally after two and a half months I took my camera in to download photos--these are a few of the 150+ photos I had...for the love Hilary.
1. Sidney and Duncan waiting on our front porch swing for Peter to come home from a ice climbing day...I love the look on Sidney's face
2. Porter's smile...the one that melts my heart...it's not at it's full extent but I will take what I can get...my camera has a 3 second delay.
3. MONKEY GIRL...this is Sidney's new stance when at home. I can not begin to tell you how many times I tell her to get down...I must sound like a broken record. All she wants to do is CLIMB. She no longer uses her ladder when going to bed at night...she climbs her post of the bed up.
4. Peter, Sidney and Frosty. GOTTA LOVE THE SNOWMAN KIT that Grandma McConkie gave to us for the holidays.
5. I have been trying for months now to get a photo of the kids together...this is the best one. I once again need to take what I get.

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Kari said...

{sweet} photos Hils. I love them.

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