23 February 2007


Friday 2-23-2007
I am tired today.
I have not been this tried at work or at home this year, okay it's only February but this past week has killed me.
I am having a very hard time keeping my eyes open.
Peter left this morning to go ice climbing in Colorado with Alan.
Feeling the way I do, having Peter gone and taking care of the kids this weekend will be a CHORE!
Peter has been so busy with Trade Shows, work, school and homework...he has not gotten out for over a month. I am very excited for him to get a break, be able to ice climb and get a bust of energy for the next round of school/work. This will be the last time climbing for the season. March is next week and with that the end of the climbing season.

SUNDAY 2-25-2007
I have been great and the children have been great until this morning. It is up to me and my attitude (okay, depression) on things will roll in the morning. Well this morning I could tell where I was...down, tired and had tons of house work to do. I also knew by staying home it would make it worse on me and that makes it harder on the kids...
SO, SO, SO tired today.
When Peter called and said that he wouldn't be home until 6 or 7. Well, after waking up and feeling the way I did, Peter telling me that he wouldn't be home until 6 or 7 made me a bit upset.

All I asked of Peter this weekend was to be home by early afternoon...well it's 6:45 and Peter is still not home. Let me say one thing...I am not looking for Peter to come home and "baby sit" but I am looking for a break from the children. Not only that...but the children need to see Peter. He has been doing lots and lots of home work at night and when Peter arrives home each night the kids are already in bed. The weekends are the only time they have to spend with there dad and that is once again, if Peter is not doing homework.
I am {for the most part} doing fine with the new adjustment of my life of a single life, OH I mean single wife, Ohh I mean Peter being in school...but I too, just like Peter, need breaks from my reality. I also feel like Peter and I are staring to live separate lives. Which is harder on me then it is on him. I need Peter more then he tends to need me. I need to spend time with him...the less time I spend with my Peter the more angry and bitter I become.

This too shall pass...in about two plus years.

Monday 2-26-2007
Peter came home about 7:20ish...

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