26 February 2007

A few CrAzY lay outs of {ME}!

This would be me on "Any Given Day" when a camera comes out. I can't help it...if you look below you will see another layout. This particular picture was taken just last month, ohh wait, at the beginning of the February.

I think the picture speaks for it's self but I love you Porter and I believe Porter is telling me that he "loves me". I love that little man.

This lay out is the collection of photos that have been taken over the last seven years. I have many more from previous decades but am waiting for another inspiration with paper

This is the view from my front porch after a snow storm. We have a swing on our porch, I will get my coffee, bundle up, swing and look at how clean and beautiful things look from my "view".

{Thank you Kari for taking the time to scan these lay outs. You are the best. }

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