14 December 2006

The List of Things "To Do" this weekend.

Rotate tires.
Gym Saturday.
Saturday McConkie Brunch at 10:30-3:00.
Tai Pan Trading Gift Cert for Dave and Michelle.
Wrap gifts for Chris, Sharon and Jackson to ship on Monday to Denver.
Dollar Tree dog toys for Mesa, Marley and Presley.
Finish Mom's scrapbook folder.
Decorate five gift bags for Friends.
Find shirt for Sidney to wear for Cousins photo shoot for JoAnne's Christmas present.
Grocery shopping.
Clean the house.
Put up the Christmas Lights--Out door lights.
Find Sidney snow boots.
Wrap Christmas presents.

1 comment:

Kari said...

Is that all you got? I bet I can beat you!! Tee Hee. Do you want to come over and wrap??? I have TONS of paper.

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