15 December 2006

Sunday Blessing(s)!!!

At the very last minute Peter and I have decided to bless Porter a member of the LDS church. Peter's younger brother Dan is in town for the holidays and are blessing their sweet Annie of three months this Sunday and asked if we wanted to bless Porter at the same time...
We are able to do the blessing at David and JoAnne's house and my Dad will be blessing him. Porter David McConkie It's a bleesing that he is being blessed...see the "sunday Blessing(s) now?

I am not inviting any of my other family members or friends. Plus the McConkie's are having dinner right after and I don't want them worry food arragements at the last minute. Am I wrong not to invite them?
I don't have enough time to worry about it and I don't want to make this out to be a big deal.

Add to list of things to do: Here is the full list now:
Find Porter a Sunday outfit for his blessing
Sunday David and JoAnne's 12:00-3:00 blessing
Iron Sidney's "photo" shirt.
Do Laundry
Make menu for grocery list for store
Duck tape from Wal-mart....Kari are you going to Walmart this weekend?
Add pictures and some fun stuff to 6x6 book I am giving to Mom and Dad
Pooper scoop
Robin and Joe coming over to see house Friday night.
Rotate tires.
Gym Saturday.
Saturday McConkie Brunch at 10:30-3:00.
Tai Pan Trading Gift Cert for Dave and Michelle.
Wrap gifts for Chris, Sharon and Jackson to ship on Monday to Denver.
Dollar Tree dog toys for Mesa, Marley and Presley.
Finish Mom's scrapbook folder.
Decorate five gift bags for Friends.
Find shirt for Sidney to wear for Cousins photo shoot for JoAnne's Christmas present.
Grocery shopping.
Clean the house.
Put up the Christmas Lights--Out door lights.
Find Sidney snow boots.
Wrap Christmas presents--I think this is on here twice
I am sure I will think of more.
I am sure I will get all of this done and much much more. AND still get some "me" time.
HA HA HA or it should really be HO HO HO!!!

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Kari said...

Hmmm...yes, I did go to Wal-mart on Saturday Hilary. And, I did buy myself some duck tape. Shoot, I should have called you, but I don't think you would have answered according to your to-do list. I guess I need to read your blog everyday?

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