14 December 2006

Boys Rules

Apparently...(eyes popping out of my head...kind of apparently) if there is:
No Blood, no foul. House rules from the man, a.k.a. Peter.
Porter had fallen and was crying not just I need attention but something hurt. I held him for a few minutes but needed to put him down.
instantly Porter is wailing.
I need to finish getting ready.
I know everyone is busy.
...still wailing...
"Peter, can you please pick up Porter?"
These are the WORDS right out of his MOUTH:
"Ohh reeeeeeeeeeally", I comment.
Apparently if their is no blood then everything is okay...but my heart having to hear him cry.
Poor Porter boy. With those chubby checks.
He is only 15 months.

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Kari said...

Remember...he has only been on this earth for 15 short months. Be kind. Be understanding. Life is too short not to.

I love you.

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