02 November 2006


Here are a few of my favorites things...are you singing the Sound of Music because I am....

My 11 years with Peter LO. When I tell people that I have been married for 11 years the next comment is, "How old are you?" It's funny but 9 out of 10 times...that's the question. I, not only ACT young...I look young. Can you imagine what I looked like at my wedding. Some day I will past a wedding photo. Maybe not.

Duncan...Duncan is such a sweetheart and takes care of me and my family when Peter goes out of town. He was meant for my home and Peter is wonderful for giving Duncan to me.

Sindey. That girls makes my heart sing. Everytime I look at here my heart is wide open for her love, energy and spunk that she brings into my life. For all the heartache there is so much love and tenderness that she brings. Sidney has a song and she sings it load. I must thank the lord more often for her.

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