02 November 2006

I think I am a live...if this is living.

Hi ya'll--
Doing pretty good this week and this week seems to be flying by last the last few weeks. Here is the lay out of my week:
11 loads of Laundry on Sunday
Halloween and trick or treating
Picked up cell phone charger at my moms
Family Home Evening on Monday night
Took the kids to Lizza Pizza.
Homework nigthly with Sidney A-B-C's
Halloween parade at Kids Kampus Monday afternoon.
Porter was chicken little
Sidney was the little mermaid
Peter is getting ready to leave for Moab next Tuesday. He is going down with a couple of friends flying in from Vermont and a few of his friends from Salt Lake.
Peter trying to finish his application for Westminster College.
HE is planning on starting the MBA program this January.
Still need to clean the house.
Give Duncan a bath.

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