07 November 2006

Summary of week 2 of my 21 day challenge....

From left to right: Robin Seydel, Brittany Ellis soon to be Kenner and Moi, Hils Bils.
The three of us did the Chasing Tail 5K that ended up only being 2.5 miles. Some how one of the signs with the arrows was "more" and the race.
I ended up doing alright for the week. ran to days at the gym/work. did the run on Saturday and lifted one day. I ate like a pig...and I hate that. Why do I shovel it in sometimes? Ohh well...

This week has been pretty good. I ran, lifted and did abs on Sunday.
Monday I ran 2.74 miles at lunch and today, I will be lucky if I think about working out. It might not be until Monday of next week if I don't work out at lunch with Brittany.
Peter is leaving for Moab to do some riding with some friends that have flew in from Vermont. He will be back on Sunday.
Single wife her I come.
I talked to kair and it sounds like she is coming over on Saturday night to scrapbook after the kids go to bed. YIPPPPPPPIIE!!!


Kari said...

Looks like fun...oink...oink.

Birdie said...

Look how hot we are!! No worries, we'll work out like animals next week :)

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