27 October 2006


I am really proud of my self this week.
I work out a total of 6 times.
I ran three days this week on the tread mill and I would like to add that this was DURING MY LUNCH.
I lifted three times at the gym, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday night. Running was the hardest to do. I wanted to stop so many times but I kept telling myself that I am the only one that can do this. I felt like those 30-35 minutes took forever but I kept jogging and didn't stop.
No one else can work out for me.
I no longer want to blame "time". { Meaning I just can't fit it in--because I can}
I can't give up.
I will not give up.
This is all about me and no one else and if I want to stay fit and trim then get your butt going.
I feel really good.
Good job hils bils. Way to go. I hope I will be able to achieve the same goals next week.


Nancy said...

GO GIRL! I bet you will stick with it. I'm cheering for you!

Kari said...

Great job Hilary! Keep up the good work. You'll look like Brittany in no time. :-)

Anonymous said...

Uuumm...it's been 6 days since you've blogged. Do you realize that there are people (Jody - with 4 kids) who manages to blog everyday, or almost everyday. What's a matter with you? Do you work full-time? Do you have two young children? Do you have a husband, a dog and a household to run? Do you have a family and a gym membership? Do you like time to yourself? Do you cook dinner, do dishes and put the kids to bed. Whatever...

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