10 August 2006


I found my wedding ring. I lost it back in March. I kept taking off my ring because after I had Porter my ring was tight, real tight. I found myself taking it off more and more often.
I have searched every where for my ring. Finally I had come to terms that I had lost it, never to be found again. I grieved and mourned, then I moved on. I told Peter also that if I had not found my wedding ring by Mother's Day I was going to buy me a white gold band (so people knew I was taken, like the two kids do not hint that for the people)!
Friday morning as Peter and I are packing up our stuff to go camping, I reached my hand into my parka and found my Ring. The same parka that I had wore many times after I had lost my ring and the same parka that I searched at least 10 times.
I FOUND MY WEDDING RING!!!!! I feel like a new bride and find myself staring at my ring a lot. I am so happy.

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Kari said...

But what about the dip! Tell everyone how beautiful your ring looks now and that you can't take your eyes off of it.

It is beautiful...I saw it and I couldn't believe it's the same ring! Awesome!!! And it was all for freeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

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