11 August 2006


Apparently I need to add to my story of my ring. After work Tuesday evening I find my car driving to Philip & Co, a Wholesale Jeweler (the same place my ring was purchased). I began telling the employee about losing ring...before losing my ring I really really really wanted to get a new band. Mine was gold, I wanted white gold, I never were gold jewelry, haven't worn gold long time and I thought that the color was not flattering on me or something was just off.

This is where it's gets exciting....are you with me.....are you paying attention...
...SWEET MOTHER OF ALL WHO IS GREAT...the employee asks me if I like the band and I say yes. And begins to tell about a process that she dips my ring, it will be silver and she will do it for free because I bought the ring there. AND then the employee tells me that it only takes 5 (FIVE) minutes.

I have a new ring. One, it didn't cost me anything and two, I appreciate what my ring means to me more then I have in a while. The ring was not about how big the diamond was, it was about the commitment that Peter and I share past, present and future. It's a commitment of our love we share together.

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