19 July 2006

Birthday Party Photo's


1. Porter-he is now nine months

2. Me being "me".

3. Sidney's birthday wish.

4. Sidney being one of the boys...Truth is, she is not aware of the difference yet nor do I believe she will ever care that their is a difference. She "is" one of the boys.

5. Sidney's Cute Smile

In my silly world I was thinking that this year I will only do (1) one birthday party. Last year Sidney has three. My side of the family, Peter's side of the family and then one small one with mom and dad on her actual birthday...what was I thinking? Was I in fact thinking?

Peter and I thought this would be a great way to show off our new yard...with all of our friends, family and loved ones. What started to be simple ended up being rather large, much larger then I had intended. We had over 40 people come to "Sidney's Birthday Party". I had a blast, Sidney had a ball and was up past midnight. Everyone seemed to have a great time. It was truly a fun time. Now this is the part where I tell the truth, it was HARD work, and it was more work then I had intended. The cleaning, shopping, balloons, party bags, extra tables, chairs, music, food and the money that goes into a "party". It was overwhelming. Do you remember the time you said you would "never" do something? I can recall a time when I said that I would never have a party at Chucky Cheese( where ever) and went on with my reasoning at the time. Now I know why moms have paty's at Chucky Cheese.

The previous weekend I had gone to Oregon for Joe and Robin's wedding. I was Robin's Maid of Honor. I had a wonderful time. Peter, the love of my life, surprised me and drove up with Sidney to La Grande. He called my sister Noele to watch Porter, packed everything for two kids, called our friends Brittany and Garret to watch the dog, bought Sidney a dress for the wedding and all of this was for {ME}!!! I am so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful husband, a incredible family and awesome friends that are willing to help us out at any given moment. THANK YOU!

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Kari said...

Aawwwww! What a sweet message. It brought tears to my eyes. Just think of all the fun Sidney had and one day you'll look back and realize that every ounce of money, time and energy spent in putting together Sid's 4th birthday was worth every dang moment. Moments like those are to be cherised and forever remembered. You put on an awesome party Hils and I am dang proud to be part of it and your life. Thank you for being a wonderful friend, one of my only I might add. I treasure our friendship, your beauty and our lives together.

Love ya Hils! You are an amazing mother.

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