05 July 2006

OMG, I Finally have GRaSs in my back yard!!!

Peter and I moved into our home November 2003. FINALLY 30 months later the back yard is complete. It is so beautiful. I LOVE IT. Sprinklers go off all by them selves, now we have a nice concrete patio....la la la l al it makes me want to sing a song of joy.
I will post pictures of the yard as soon as I can get them printed. The yard will be done for Sidney's 4th Birthday Party and that was all that I asked Peter. Thanks Pete, you are the best and I love you.


Jody said...

I stopped by to say hello. Now you ladies can't say that nobody ever reads this blog. As for the issues with kids, husbands and the daily demands of life...my best advice is to try to enjoy it. All of it. Even the stress and tension, because imagine that it were gone from you in an instant and you could never have this life as you know it back. You would love what you have today. Even the pesky bills piling up and the kids crying at dinnertime. Hopefully that will help put things in perspective. Maybe it won't get easier or more glamorous, but it should make you appreciate a little bit more. Thanks for reading Nitty.Gritty. Ciao for now!

Kari said...

So cool. Cool man. I can't believe how cool this is. I'm so excited. Really. Life is good!!!

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