24 July 2006

True (not-so-funny) Story

Saturday morning Peter and I are doing our usual thing...Cleaning, drinking coffee, taking care of the children, getting through our list of "things to do". I heard something dropped in the back hall and Peter comes running into the kitchen. He had dropped the stereo speaker that he was going to be setting on the patio into the right on the tip of his right pointer finger. He is jumping up and down, saying unsightly four letter words and holding his finger. His finger looked sick, wrong, purple, twice the mumbling under his breath. He goes on his day mentioning every so often how bad his finger hurts. Peter and I went on our date later that evening and then saw Pirates of the Caribbean II Dead Man's Chest (loved it, but also LOVE Johnny Depp). This whole time Peter keeps telling me how it hurts...Well around 2:30 in the morning, we are laying in bed and Peters whispers, "Hilary, are you awake"? He then tells me that his hand has not stopped pulsing sense the time of the injury.

FOR THE LOVE...I then told him that he should go and see a doctor if it hurts that bad, maybe you have even broke it. Not once had it accrued to him that he might have a broken bone.

First thing Sunday morning Peter is at the clinic and sure thing, it's broken. He broke it at the tip where all the nerves and tendons are located...No wonder it hurt. Poor, poor, Peter.

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