29 January 2006

Welcome Sunday

I have been hanging out with my parents today. Peter has been "working" the OR show so it's been a bit lonely for me. Yesterday my mom and dad called me and wanted me to come to lunch with them and when I told sidney she said, I don't think so mom. let's stay home in our pajamins and watch movies. we can go to grandmas in the laters( her word for tomorrow or later on that same day). How I love that girl...she really keeps me going. Later on we had to run errands and ended up at Kari's house. Sidney and Matthhew played and at one point I walk in to find Sidney jumping off the coffee table onto the couch. I could go on and on with all the things that girl of mine does. I just don't know where she gets it from. Do you find me jumping off the table onto the couch? NO!
Today I had Porter in his car seat while we were eating lunch. He had fallen asleep, mean while we were done eating and heading downstairs to watch a movie. Well I didn't lock the handles from the car seat in the lock position ( not knowing this) I picked up the car seat and Porter fell out and landed right on his head. HUGH bump on his head and he cried for 10-15 minutes. He had a real nice bump and bruise and I am sure that it will be there for a few days.
Well before I head off I wanted everyone that reads my blog to visited my two FAVORITE site in the world that I really don't go a day without looking at--misus the weekends--I hate and yes I really do hate not having the internet at home.
#1 www.inablinkofaneye.com the reason i love this site is that I am somebody special on that site. People make comments about your lo's and I love that and it makes me feel good.
#2 http://www.3scrappyboys.com I have loved this club for over a year now. I JUST can't get enough of it. I love her kits and all the extras. Cindy has great cumstomer service and great shipping and you always have it so fast. Thanks Cindy. Keep up the good work.

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Kari said...

Poor baby Porter. Don't drop my cute baby on his head...at least now you'll have a reason for everything. You just tell them, "well, I dropped him on his head when he was a baby."

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