25 January 2006

The things I would do if I had time...

I would love to do http://www.threebugsinarug.com/wholesale.html but would I find time? I would love to also do this http://aliedwards.typepad.com/ but this would also be in a dream. My life is so mundane and often ridiculous that I want to pull out my hair. There is no going back only forward. Each day is a new day and each day I get out of bed knowing that my life is mundane and lacking the {all about me} part that I would love to have again. Would I change it or go back to it? Sometimes the selfish part of me SCREAMS yes but then I look at all that I have and what I have gone through to get what I have {if any of you are NOT reading thought the lines, I am talking about my children---just so you know} and the answer is simply this-no.

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Birdie said...

You crazy girl. When (and if) I have kids I hope that I am half the Mommie you are. Your kids are sooooo cute and I love you all.

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