03 February 2006

~~Friday is {FINALLY} here!~~ True event at end of blog!!!

Peter left on Monday for TX but it seems like he has already been gone for a while because of the OR SHOW that had started the week before.
My parents have been great while Peter has been out of town. Making me dinner almost every night, last night, they picked up the kids from AnnÂ’s and I went to the gym, which I really needed. When you boss tells you that you seem tense---thatÂ’s bad.
So today, without telling Peter, I bought tickets to go and see Chris and Sharon in Denver the weekend of St PattyÂ’s Day. Fell like I need some down time and I need a weekend all about me. {ME ME ME ME} (I am signing that in my head as I write this ME ME ME; I think you know the tune I use) Round trip ticket with tax was only $118.00.

I want a day without interruption!!!!!

LOL- this is for precious sentence!
Porter has a nice bruise on his forehead. –Read Sunday blog for more info
Sidney hit me in the head with her shoe driving home on Monday

Pooped all day long yesterday
Sidney wore cowboy boots today.
I need down time

Appreciatecate Peter and all the help with the kids
I miss the gym
Miss Peter…
Sometimes miss my single life.
Miss the sun

Sunday night I went to bed at 1:30, Monday night I went to bed at 12:15 working on two very cute LO’s with new SFL {sassafras lass } product…and I never made it to FedEx, I was so busy with the kids and Peter being gone. Kari tells me that Kim posted on “in a blink of an eye” about how happy she was that Beck asked her to be a DT member( and so am I, happy, that is) and I felt horrible when Kari told me how Beck asked Kim to make some LO's, I felt sistomach stomachdidn'tke I didn’t come through for Beck. I wanted to be in Kim's shoes. Not "the crazy days of Hilary" but at the CHA Show, in SFL booth, I wanted to be that person right then and there to feel that feeling of being someone special because you have an ability and someone can see it. I am sorry BECK. I felt like it should of been me...and it could of been only if, only if....

About the two LO’s: I basically copied the one of Aub’s "those eyes" http://www.sassafraslass.com using “in stitches” and made one more with the “sew fine”. Both turned out cute. I feel like I am going to pass out from the lack of sleep that I have not gotten this week…most of which is my own fault. Just got caught up doing things and could not slow down. How can I stop when I am the only one home with the kids? I CAN'T!!!!
Today is almost over.
2:54 and I am leaving soon.

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Kari said...

Random...you are so random my dear. That' why I love you so much my friend! I can't wait to see your LO's.

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