03 December 2007


The picture above--well, something like that could be in my basement by the end of DeCeMbEr...Look how pretty, neat, organized, arranged, orderly and structured these cubes are. It makes me want to do cartwheels down Sinclair's hallway RIGHT NOW...and trust me, I have done cartwheels in a Sinclair's hallway...just ask Diane.
Apparently, the "Scrap Box" is out of the picture for {ME}. No word from Peter means that I have been noped. The $1,000.00 bucks was a bit to ask for, I do realize this but these small scrap booking cubes might just be the thing I can get away with instead of the $1,000.00 SCRAP BOX!I found these cubes on LTD Commodities. LTD makes this product ExClUsiVeLy for crazy craft people--that would be {ME}!

Luck is what I need right now. Keep your fingers crossed.
I am going to ask Peter tonight about these cubes.
I think I would only need like 8 or 9 @ $22.95 a piece, that makes it about $210.00 plus shipping. Tonight I am going to pick up some beer, make a great dinner and clean the house before Peter gets home from school.
Do you think Peter will suspect something when I make a real dinner?
:) Tee Hee :)

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Kairlotta said...

Good luck babe! You better have loads of beer!!!

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