08 November 2007

Naughty or Nice?

Dear Santa {PETER},
Heavens knows I have done my fair share of bad deeds this year.
{Side note: I feel it's in my benefit if I don't list them. Seeing them, is believing them & I don't want to do that}!
Here is my Plea:
I am a mother, a wife, and have many other titles...{do I really need to name them?}
For those who know me or read this blog often enough...well, you all know how crazy my so called life is and you would also know how much I love to ScrapBook.
Back in August I finally, after almost four years, gave into Peter and moved all my scrap supplies into the basement. Peter wanted the "living room", if you can call it that, to be clean, less cluttered and was sick of the mess being the first thing you saw each and every time you walked into our home.
I agreed.
Last weekend while scrapbooking with the girls in Edan, Utah, Rebecca had a pamphlet of this, also the picture below. Two of the girls that were there had purchased this Scrap Box less then a year ago for $1750.00. OUCH, I bet that hurt a bit. Rebecca, who owns Sassafras Lass, therefore having an "IN" in the industry, well, she called the company on Monday and she is able to purchase "The Scrap Box" for $906. OUCH...still very painful but how different is this from buying a $1,500.00 mountain bike or purchasing ice axes from Black Diamond for over $300 bucks?
So Santa, my Idea is to have the box upstairs in the "living room". I know, I know, such a AWESOME idea. I would be able to scarp UPSTAIRS anytime I wanted to without having to leave a HUGE mess out and about for days on in (for those of you who scarpbook--this is always the case). The basement is cold, unfinished, cement floors and walls, exposed ceilings, and the worst possible thought of all, the basement has SPIDERS. What would the kids do downstairs because you know Sidney and Porter would end up where ever I was?
AND, what are the odds that Peter will really clean up his gear each time he gets out (and this has happened more then once now)?

$906 seems like a huge amount of MONEY but can you put a price on happiness?
Really, can you?
Apparently you can and today it comes in the dollar amount of nine hundred and six dollars.
So Santa, have i been NAUGHTY or NICE this year?
Think hard Santa.
Also, don't forget that when I am happy, everyone is HAPPY. This is KEY!


Hilary said...

No Comments must mean that I have be NaUgHtY? Eh? Anyone? Hello?

Kairlotta said...

You are not naughty. You are nice and Santa should bring that for you. Just think how much scrapping you could get done right in your living room!!

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