11 November 2007

L@@K Who Got Hair Cuts?

Before Pictures:
Look at this Scottie of mine.
He is a mess.
He looks like he is 10 pounds heavier then he actually is.
This was Molly's first real haircut.
I had given her one or two trims during the summer but nothing close to an
"actually haircut".

After Pictures: Duncan Loves his New Do...Here you can see that Duncan is awaken by {ME} taken photos. Molly loves the new do too. After I brought her home she leaped for hours in the back yard...like she was a new dog.
It was totally cute.

The cutest thing yet...Sidney was at my sisters house when I dropped off the dogs at our home after their hair cuts. Later in the evening when Peter and I were returning from picking up the kids from Feliece's, Sidney walked through the front door and looked so, so, very confused. "Mom, why is Duncan in Molly's kennel?", while Sidney was looking at Molly in her kennel, Duncan was standing by Sidney's side. Sidney kept looking from Duncan to Molly until she caught on to what was going on. Sidney's face lit up like Christmas lights on a Christmas tree and was grinning form ear to ear while turning her chin towards her shoulder--"Mom, Molly looks like Duncan. Molly got a hair cut. Ohh, Molly!" This kept happening for a good ten minutes. Molly's first hair cut was a "HIT" both in my book and Sidney's.

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Kairlotta said...

How cute and happy are they? Those scotties are pure love.

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