10 December 2007

*Etsy Owl Finds: I He{art} Owls*

I love Owls...funny thing is that my Grandma Holbrook, my dads mom collect owls. I have asked my dad a few times if he has any of her owls that I could have but he doesn't. I wish when she had past away I had taken some of them. Every time I see an owl now I think briefly of Grandma Holbrook. She past away in 1992. I was still in high school. Owl Find for Grandma Holbrook tonight. Think of you Grandma. Love you.


Britt said...

I like the ones in the snow.

Kairlotta said...

I hope you haven't purchased any of those owls from Etsy...my grandpa liked owls. He passed away in July of 2006. I don't think I have any owls of his either. Silly. I need to ask my grandma about that. My other grandma liked skunks...yes skunks. She had a shelf full of skunks and I do have two of her skunks.

Eddie said...

Wait, so these pictures are from Etsy? I really liked em and want to use one for album artwork... are they copyrighted?

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