20 November 2007

To Tuck or Not To Tuck: That is the QUESTION?

I {hate} tucking in my shirts.

Matter of Fact.
End of Story.
I bet if I were to count how many times a month I tuck in my shirt...it would be less then one...really.
That my friend, is how much I hate tucking in my shirt.

--So I started the day, first thing in the morning, without my shirt tucked in.
--Got to work and thought my shirt looked to long, so I tucked it in.
This is where the problem starts. ONCE YOU TUCK...you have committed to the tuck...you now have wrinkles on the bottom of this shirt.
--Three times this morning I had to use the bathroom each time having to {obviously} tuck my shirt in after each break.
--Once today, I noticed that the back of my shirt was untucked...therefore having to re-tuck my shirt. This is where the whole restriction of the tuck-in really starts. Bending or stretching your back, arm, whatever it is that you are moving and what do you get? The uneven tuck. One side has come out or you can't move your one side (or whatever) being afraid of the untuck.
--Went home for lunch. Untucked my shirt. Ahhhh, that feels better. Loving it. Thought about ironing my shirt. No, I am not going to do that. I don't care that much or do I?
--Now back at work. Shirt is untucked, wrinkled and needs to be tucked back in. Now I feeling like I have a bit Obsessive Compulsive disOrder going on with the tuck.

--Now I am heading back to the bathroom so I can tuck in my shirt.

To Tuck or Not to Tuck:

That is my question
So, do you tuck?


Kairlotta said...

Ummm...no tuck for me. Yuck! I have one shirt that tucks and stays tucked. That's it.

Greg Peterson said...

I sometimes tuck my shirt in for good humor to make people wonder what the tuck am I thinking. Haha. Xoxoxoxo.

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