22 November 2007

**tHaNkSgAvInG dAy**

I am Thankful For {HUBBY PETE}
I am thankful for Peter and his ability to
LOVE {ME} just as I AM.
I am thankful for his ability to FORGIVE.
How he supports the kids.
I am thankful for Peter letting me BE a SCOTTIE DOG freak.
I am thankful for Peter for going to school to better himself, our lives and especially our FAMILY but most importantly the time he sacrifices (and my time too).
I love how committed he is in all that he does, i.e., family, work, school, and the outdoors, just to name a few.
I am thankful for our marriage, our unity, our loving union that keeps us strong and together and our deep founding FRIENDSHIP.
I am thankful for PETER.
{I Love YOU Peter Merrill McConkie}

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