16 October 2007

{Two} Days In {One}

Working at work.
That blows.
Sidney was sick yesterday.
Tuesday now becomes Monday/Tuesday/I have two workdays in one.
I also have an:
Uni-Boob: when the space between your boobs is less then a finger apart from the other boob, squashed, smashed, slammed against (having only one boob.)
I'm wearing a tank with that built in shelf bar under my shirt. I am not one that can wear a tank with the shelf bra alone: without a bra. Some can do this, I can not.
Why I choose to do so today...I will never know because I had my bra out with the pre-assembled outfit last night before I went to bed.
So here I am sitting at my desk and I can feel them chillin'. One more thing...the tank is one size too big, therefore making my problem only worse.
sagging uni boob...ewwwwwwww
Special, real special.

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