09 October 2007

Sidney's New Jacket{s}

So, I couldn't decided on which jacket to get for Sidney.
...so I got her both of them...
Sidney already has a snowboarding coat which is too big and heavy for everyday use.
She has a few jackets from last year but are too small this year.
How would it be to get a new wardrobe two or three times a year?

Kari has been a real BLESSING--Kari's son that was born two years earlier then Porter in the same month---Kari has been giving, yes, given me Matthew's clothes as he grows out of them. I don't know what I would be doing else wise.
I can tell you {ONE} thing...girls are way more expensive then boys.

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Kairlotta said...

I don't feel like a blessing. Those coats are TOO cute!

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