16 October 2007

Good Moods, Birthday Week and a Camera:

Hootie Wall--I finally got her all up and I might say, it's lookin HooTie HotSee how fun it is to get off work and pick up the kids.
See {happy} Smiling FaCe of Porter.

*~Sidney is hApPy~*
Pouty Porter...NOT SO HAPPY!!!

This is what happens when you have your camera in the car at a stop light...AND it's your birthday week.
Yet another view of my hootie wall. So stinkin CuTe...don't you think?
Oh look...more kissy face. Even cutier then HooTie wall, don't you think? Be nice, it's my birthday week.


Kairlotta said...

Hoot Hoot! I love all the kissy faces!

Anonymous said...

You creep me out a little......! Feliece :~)

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