16 October 2007

{BiRtHdAy wEeK}

la la la LAAA La La La Laa laAaa Laa Laaa
birthday's are fun to do, fun to do, fun to do
especially if you get a birthday week
Seven days, one week, the week before your birthday--that's what you got in our house growing up--seven days of "Special privileges", like, no doing the dishes, picking what you wanted for dinner, you know, fun birthday stuff--it was cooler when you were ten but hell it's tradition, eh!
{BiRtHdAy wEeK}
My birthday is on 21 October
but you can't count today...because it's today,
you can't count Friday or Saturday because it's the "weekend".
So really, my birthday is in like two days.
Tee Hee
{BiRtHdAy wEeK} RuLeS


Kairlotta said...

Happy birthday, birthday girl! I got some {sweet} gifts for you my BFF.

Anonymous said...

No one will really understands that logic but me........he he he....love the birthday week!

Love you too, Feliece

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