23 September 2007

{Who'S BeeN A GooD GirL?}

Cute Shirt From Kari.
Kari is supporting my OwL FeTisH...
Thanks Kare Bare. Early Birthday present from Chris and Sharon. Sidney Got {ME} A SuRpRiSe while she was "Buffalo-Stone":
{A Birdie was keeping an eye out for ME}


Kairlotta said...

You are too cute for words Hils. Somebunny loves you!!!


Anonymous said...

I got me some Keen's at the same place you got your Chaco's. Love my new shoes....love you, Feliece

Anonymous said...

I can hardle wait until you grow out of that orange/green outfit.....yippee for me! Love you, Feliece

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