23 September 2007

{OwL HEaVeN}

Die Cuts, patterned paper...

And it keeps coming....Owl Clear Stamps.
Over and over again...owls popping out of everywhere.

Look what my wondering eyes came upon....OWL PALS
By Sassafras Lass...my favorite scrap booking company ever. And seeing that I have been on an owl fetish lately...well, I almost did cartwheels when I saw the collection. If it were not for the head cold I think I would of been bouncing off the walls, cartwheels will do, eh.


Kairlotta said...

Aaahhhh! My grandpa in Heaven is looking down upon me and wishing me a "hoot" of a time with this owl collection (he loved owls by the way).

Hilary said...

Funny thing...my Grandma Holbrook loved owls too. I have been thinking a lot about her with all this owl fetish going on.

Kairlotta said...

I NEED all this owl stuff. Can you get it from Bec and I will PAY for it?

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