08 September 2007

{Numbers} of Today, Saturday, September 8th:

ONE--pair of Chaco's Molly chewed up.
THREE--how many times Sidney said "bitch"
TWELVE--how many times I cleaned up dog urine
TEN--the number of times I ((hugged)) Sidney.
SEVEN--the number of times I sat on the toilet feeling...OH so uncomfortable.
ONE--the "one" saint mom who just showed up for a few hours (even though she was not feeling great).
FOUR--the calls I AVOIDED today. I just couldn't do it.
Five---the number of times I cried
THIRTY Minutes--the amount of time Sidney and I "talked" tonight about number "three".
Two Hours--the length of time I held Molly...Molly and Duncan were in the backyard and I heard "yelping". I run out side and Molly couldn't walk on her front right leg. Seems much better now. Only limping every so often.
One--one glass dish Sidney dropped and broke.
Eight--the loads of laundry that I washed but didn't fold.
SIX--the hours of sleep I got last night.
Nine--the hour of which I got into bed.
48--hours until Peter is home from Texas.
Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....tomorrow is a new day eh.

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Kairlotta said...

So special! Fun for you! NOT!

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