07 September 2007

{2} Sweet Things:

1. Seeing Def Leppard in concert tonight. The picture above is what the group looks like currently. It would be so much better if they still looked like they did in the You-Tube video. At least I think so.
WHY I am going?
Because my {SWEET} friend Kari had an extra ticket (why she even had a ticket, well I am not sure) and asked me to come.
Formula as I see it:
Time w/Kari + Free Ticket+ No Kids = FUN
Def Leppard was not my "type" of music back in the day and it might of been a bit before my time (heavens I am only 32) but what person has not heard of "pour some sugar one me"?

What better way to let people {PETER} know where I am at!
If it were not for the blond hair I would have already ordered the damn t-shirt.
Man, I really want that shirt---it's ten bucks dude. Bargain.
It says so much for saying so little.


Bee said...

How cool.. I would love to see lots of my old 80's big hair bands..

oh and sorry to post this here.. but I need to hear back from you. either pm me on PI or email me @ bridgebabie@hotmail.com

Kairlotta said...

I had tons of fun my love. Thanks.

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