07 August 2007

Sidney Does the Cutest Things

--Sidney, that spunky girl of mine packed a bag of toys to take to Feliece's and my mom's for the weekend while Peter and I were backpacking. When I left to take her and Porter's stuff to Feliece's I noticed that her pack felt a bit heavy but didn't think much of it.
--Friday night Feliece is helping Sidney get her stuff out of her pack when Sidney pulls out a FIVE POUND DUMBBELL and starts doing some arm moves with the weight.
Feliece, I am assuming is cracking up and asked Sidney why she has a five pound weight in her bag.
"Uhmmm I am working out."
Like, DUH FELIECE, isn't it like, sooo obvious what I am doing.
--That kid cracks me up. I have been lifting weights at home a few nights a week. Sidney will come over and pick up a weight and "work out" with me.
Apparently Sidney is taking this pretty seriously.
--Also Sidney says memember instead of remember. Too CUTE. I have tried correcting her but she tells me, yeah, I know mom, it's memember.

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Kairlotta said...

Cute Sid.

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