06 August 2007

BackPacking Was A Blast

Peter and I went backpacking this past weekend.
With the help of family watching the kids, Joe and Robing watching the Cute Little Scottie Dog, Peter and I were able to enjoy a three day weekend BACKPACKING in the Uinta's.
One word to describe the weekend:
I wish I had more time to spend in the outdoors.
Nature's beauty, the universe, with all its phenomena makes me {happy} from the inside out.
Backpacking makes me feel centered, peaceful, calm, and quiet within myself. It's far and few between that I feel the absence of mental stress or anxiety and when I am backpacking life seems...well, LIFE seems so simple with what it has to offer.
Already missing the mountains.
The first night we hiked in 5 miles to Hidden Lake {If you voom in and follow Route 150 from Kamas, Utah on up, Peter and I parked the car at the Crystal Lake Trail Head that is inbetween Mtn Watson and Haystack Mtn, Hidden Lake is about 2 inches down from Duck Lake}...we had the lake to ourselves. Peter caught two fish of which we had for dinner. The second night we hike to Marjorie Lake and from where we camped we could see five peaks. GORGEOUS. I swear from that elevation---you can tell the earth is round.


Kairlotta said...

That sounds amazing. I wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

I've been to hidden lake, it is so beautiful...I love that place.

I love you little sis of mine....Crazy#1

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