22 August 2007

Things That Make Me Go Hummm...

In 2001 when I found out Peter and I were going to have our first child in nine months, well let's just say life as I knew it changed...obviously and I have been on over drive ever sense. Life came with such speed that I have forgotten to pay attention to the little details and it's now 2007.
Today while reading keri smith's blog and she made a great point that I would like to ponder on.
Keri is talking about her Guerilla Art Kit Book going into her second printing and it just came out this month, August of 2007. Good for her.

Keri writes, "I believe this book is really about tuning into your environment and paying attention to little details, something many of us forget to do at times. This is the common theme amongst all of my work these days, and through all of my reading. The theme evolved from researching and noticing the affects that the overuse of technology has on north american society. Sitting at screens for so many hours everyday results in a dulling of the senses. Because of this we are losing touch with with our animal nature, our sense of our surroundings, our intuition, our ability to tune into the natural world (and respond to it). We stop using our sense of smell, touch, our hearing, there is little that actually links us with nature in any definitive way. And so this book evolved (in part) with finding ways for myself to reconnect with the senses in a way that would work in modern society, (urban settings). I wanted to show that reconnecting was possible without having to leave the city or retreat to the woods."

I want to reconnect with my environment, nature and {ME} again.
Pay attention to the details.
I want to use my "office supplies" instead of just hoarding them. I think that keri smith will guild me to activities to live a more creative life surrounding my environment of which I am in desperate need of.
Multi-tasking and getting as much accomplished in the least amount of time is what society is pushing all of us towards doing and it's what I have been doing for several years now.
It's okay to slow down and pay attention to your surroundings, eh?
I have been on over drive for years now and I can't do it any more.
One of many reasons why I am excited about Wreck This Journal.
This journal is full of paying attention to your surroundings in such a creative way.
It's 100% {ME}.
A great way for me to use my office supply, paper fetish, post-it note loving, pen hoarding, note book stocking supplies and use them in real life activites.
This journal is full of bliss and happiness.
About nothing and everything.
I have a feeling that The Guerilla Art Kit will be a blast too. Can't wait to play with that one yet. This is not about multi-tasking Hilary...{HELLO,did you not just write this post? Tee Hee}
Baby steps Hilary. Baby Steps.
Start with Wreck this Journal.

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Anonymous said...

I realized that I have started doing the same thing. Know this my cute little sister.....life is short, enjoy every leaf on every tree! I love my 'non-journal'.

Feliece :~)

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