23 August 2007

{Half Dead Super Hero Here}

I am dieing a very slow death while at work today.
It was a long night, week, month, summer, okay, it's been a long year for {ME}.
Maybe I need to adjust to my new life while Pete's in school?
Maybe I don't want to adjust to my "NEW" life.
Maybe I need to "GET OVER IT" and grasp the concept of change! HA
Maybe I can't get over it because Peter has no idea what I do day end and day out. I don't think Peter could handle my LIFE if the situation was reversed.
That makes me a SUPER HERO.
Yes, that's right.
SuPeR hErO HiLaRy Is:
A daring girl
Unlimited Strength
Cunning intellect
Speaks my MIND
Charm, charisma
Enhance my courage with powerful female energy--not to be confused with PMS ;)
Has Developed unique qualities
Able to accomplish goals in a single bound

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Kairlotta said...

You are a super-hero Hilary. You are strong. You can do it. You are a working-mom. You are STRONG! You are loved.

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