12 June 2007

The WEEK I have been dreading...well, it's HERE!

Peter leaves for Germany this Friday Morning.
He will be out of town until the Sunday, June 24th.
TEN {10} Days...Peter keeps telling me that it does not seem like 10 days but {10 DAYS} = {10 Days} even if this includes the two days you will be flying...it's still two days you will be away from HOME, {ME} and the kids...ohhh and cute little Scottie dog, can't forget about him...cute Scottie. :D
The problem I have with this...well it's not like the other times he travels with or for work...if I need to get a hold of him I pick up the phone and Dial his number...If the kids are going to bed...Sidney and Porter can call Dad and tell him "goodnight" and "I love you".
If I miss Peter and just need to hear his voice...call Peter...
Europe, well...it's not as simple as picking up the phone and calling him.
Please for the love of OUR children, myself and...well just plain old{ME}...Please Peter figure out how the hell we are going to talk...Peter is my foundation, my rock...that many days without him in my life will cause complete and utter chaos.
Taking the children to and from school, Sidney started summer camp this week which means I have to make her lunches everyday (Lunchables are out of the question...she has already noped me) soccer practices, and Saturday games, laundry, cleaning, chores outside and inside the house...
Simply how am I going to do it all?
Deep breath...
Not to worry about it now...
The Daily Grind...comes and goes regardless if Peter is in town or not... Just do what needs to be done and the rest will have to wait...I have friends and family just a phone call away...Remember I am human...love and take care of the kids...really nothing else is more important then that...I will just need to remind myself of this.

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Kairlotta said...

It will be okay Hilary. I am here to help you. The chores and the cleaning can wait. Seriously. Just enjoy the time with the kids and he'll be back in no time. You can't do it all so don't try. Do what you can and the other will be there for Pete when he gets back. Tee Hee!

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