12 June 2007


Kari, thanks for the lovings you sent my way...she totally hooked me up with some LOVE, Elise. Some of the goodies that you see in those pictures were for little old {me}...yep that's right...{ME}.
And...the pink skull rub-ons...well...they were for {ME}...
I must of been a good girl!!!
Thanks Kare Bare...
I was in some real pain with my tooth and Kari helped me out with some pain medication that she and Jeff had from a while back.
She has loaned me Matthew's soccer shoes and shins guards for Sidney's soccer games...WOW...
How {SWEET} she is!!!
Thank you Kari.
I love you.
I have great Friends.
Really, I do.
And you are one of them.


Kairlotta said...

Aaaawww...you are so {sweet}. That's what friends are for Hilary. I love to share!!!!! I am good at sharing the love!

Barbara said...

Great frnds are so hard to find... Kari is an awesome person =)

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