14 May 2007

{My So Called Life} IS CrAzY!

{My So Called Life} has been a bit crazy these last few days.

Last Thursday Sidney had the stomach flu.
Paper, rock, scissors...I won, I mean I lost (wink) and stayed home with that spunky girl. Vote is in...I prefer cleaning vomit over poop in undies.

Friday I had the stomach flu. Need I say more?

Our freezer is no longer freezing food-odd, I thought that was a purpose of a freezer...It's a good thing I notice this morning. (By-the-way-do you any of you have extra room in your freezers?) Tonight I guess we will be buying a new fridge.

Our DVD player--- well it only plays movies in black and white. I am sure I just need to check the settings but just another thing to add to "the list".

Porter had a fever this morning over 101. I had to take him to my parents and still try to make it to work by 7:45 a.m...just 15 minutes late. Not so bad if I may say so myself. :D

My cell phone keeps telling me to insert sim card. Funny thing, I didn't take the sim card out.

I spent Mother's Day weekend working in the yard (trying to get stuff done before we put it up for sale in about 5 weeks).

Peter has informed me that in five weeks he is going to Europe with his work and will be gone for about 8 or 9 days. He will also be missing the last two weeks of his summer semester.

Let's see did I miss anything?


Hilary said...

I am making comments on my own blog so that I feel special.
Kari--the only one that really leaves me comments has been moving into a new home...so her comments are MIA...
Hi Hilary.

Kairlotta said...

You didn't tell me that Peter was going to Europe. Shit!

Kairlotta said...

So wait, in 5 weeks you are listing your home AND Peter is going to Europe. That is impossible my dear, quite impossible.

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