15 May 2007

I know why these things happen to me...

Not everyone can handle life with such zest and spunk as I do when it is dished out like is has in the last week.
My chin is up.
My Smile is Real.
My life is good.

Wonderful Husdand and great children.
My family is close by and only a phone call away.
I have the best parents ever, they love and support me in all that I do.
Back to Porter--- just took his temp...102.7.
Poor little man.

Today I am greatful for my health, family and friends.


Jody said...

Hey Hilary. It's just me. Thanks for your comments and for *lovin'* me. =) Really, though, it's so true. Just by embracing it..ALL of it...makes it so much easier to roll with whatever comes our way. It makes it so much more fun- even in the chaos. SO glad you are loving your blessed life. Me too. =)

Nancy said...

Sounds like life is good, except for the temperature... this too shall pass. Hang in there!

Kairlotta said...

I love you. I am glad Porter is feeling better. I LOVE his haircut.

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